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Personality of Cancer: 5 features and characteristics of this sign

Sensitivity, care of their loved ones and overflowing fantasy, although that's not all. We tell you here.
Cancers are sensitive, careful and family-lovers | Magic Horoscope

The crab of the zodiac, one of the three signs dominated by the water element, symbol of the emotional world, is an authentic representative of the purest sensitivity, becoming that feature in a true emblem of the personality of Cancer.

We discover what are the most characteristic features of this sign, whose inner world could well correspond with the representation that makes of it through its artistic creation or even the one of its own home. We tell you what Cancer is like.

Personality of Cancer: 5 features and characteristics of this sign

Sensitivity, care of their loved ones and overflowing fantasy, but that's not all. We tell you more.

1. Extremely sensitive

One of the most emblematic features of the personality of Cancer is its extreme sensitivity, something that brings them both incredibly wonderful situations as other less pleasant and even unpleasant to live.

And all this is because their moods are too fickle, capable of completely changing from one moment to another for reasons apparently non-existing for the rest of the world... although something significant enough for Cancer.

2. Home and family lover

Among the characteristics of Cancer there is also the one of being a person 100% home-lover; "home sweet home" could be their mott0. The construction of their own home is essential for the natives of this sign, a place that is their refuge and their own sacred space in which they feel more themselves than anywhere else.

Hence, their life and their decisions revolve around maintaining the stability of everything that happens inside their home and their family, which we could say is the kilometer 0 of their lives. Therefore, when choosing one or another option at the time of acting, they will always prioritize the welfare of the people who form it, even their own if it has to do with their most loved ones.


3. Insecure

Something that, although it largely justifies certain aspects of the way Cancer is, it's still a personal burden for them: It's about their insecurity, which conditions their own way of acting, their decisions and, obviously, also their own vital results.

As soon as a situation they face makes them contemplate the possible outcomes that can take place and these can in some sense suppose a kind of abyss, don't doubt that the feeling of vertigo before the possibility that things go wrong, can make Cancer rush to take a path that isn't really the right one or the best decision, since it's their own fears that push them.

4. Adventurous

Among the characteristics of Cancer there is their spirit of adventure, although in their case it differs from the one who is the quintessential adventurer of the Zodiac, Sagittarius, because they risk a lot in moments of euphoria. That is, if Cancer is in a moment of emotional high and in those instants has to make a determination, it's highly likely that they are risking too much.

And as is usual due to how Cancer is, with their psychic fluctuations, their constant ups and downs, they will find themselves more than once and more than twice engrossed in some story that they didn't count on; due precisely to this way of acting so very typical of them: Deciding what they will do in a certain situation depending on how they feel at the moment they decide. And if at that precise moment they have their morale in the clouds and they see everything in a more than optimistic way, they are probably going head-first into a solution that they may not be able to deal with later.

What's said, an intense adventure!


5. Portentous imagination

Their portentous imagination is a sign of identity and, combined with their emotional fluctuations, can produce authentic evasions of reality. Part of the personality of Cancer is very marked by the combination of their great imagination, their intelligence and also their sensitivity.

With such a combo it isn't surprising that they are quite easy for artistic creation, although not only in the literary field, but also for everything that has a graphic or plastic representation, such as painting, sculpture or photography. In addition, letting that facet of the personality of Cancer flow would suppose an authentic way of escape for their moments of greater emotional intensity, an authentic channeling of what happens within their complex but beautiful inner world.