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Everyone reaps what they sow and if you’ve been somewhat distant these last few days, it’s understandable that your relationship with others will be more difficult.

Move to the emotional side of life, treat people as if they were old acquaintances and you’ll see that you receive the warmth that you share.Don’t be afraid of affectionate words, because they are the direct means to let others know what you feel for them.

If someone is provoking you, try to put yourself in their place. You may discover that what irritates you most is your own negative qualities, only reflected through another person.

Aquarius with partners are lucky because despite feeling somewhat inhibited, their partners already understand them perfectly. They’ll give you your space.


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If you have a specific project to work on, or even if you need to get some help at your company, it’s better if you can involve several people.

But if you’re a bit trapped interfering in other people’s business without an invitation, you can provoke a less friendly response.

Are you really looking for something to do? Then sign up to be a volunteer. You collaborate with society and with just causes, while you expand your circle of influence, something that never hurts.




Resist the temptation to upset yourself because of any of the emotional outbursts of the past few days... Everything is probably already over and done with.

Now you need to pamper yourself a little: a healthy and delicious meal, go to bed early a couple of nights... And everything will be back to normal.

If you have a pet, they don’t need to remind you of what good listeners they are. Share with them all those burdens that anguish you, surrender to the pleasure of receiving their unconditional affection. The contact with your pet comforts you immediately.