Aquarius YEARLY Horoscope

20 Jan - 18 Feb

Aquarius annual: Your horoscope for 2020

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According to the predictions for love for 2020, the period between February and March will be very good for Aquarius singles, since the chances of getting married are high. But you have to be very careful from March to June since this period will be somewhat unfavourable.

On the other hand, the period between June and November will be very good for your love life, because you'll climb great heights in this aspect. In this sense, those who are in a relationship will see how their life together flourishes thanks to an emotional turn that will bring them closer.

Single Aquarius have to prepare to find love this year. You'll be sentimentally involved with a few people. The important thing for you is knowing how to distinguish who really suits you or what you really want from love.

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The financial prediction for the natives of Aquarius this new year speaks of many expenses between March and June. From then until November, things will calm down a bit, but you won't be able to increase your earnings. You will have a periodic income though.

Regarding your career, the prediction of the stars speaks of a high possibility of finding a new job. There will be tension and ups and downs that will surely lead you to make a final decision in this respect.

On the other hand, you're very likely to travel for business or work, Aquarius. These trips will be quite good because they'll fill you with much more positive and creative energy that will help you considerably in your career.


As for your health for this year Aquarius, the prediction indicates a high probability of suffering from insomnia, stress and also some eye and stomach problems. All this can be avoided if you manage to keep your stress under control.

On the other hand, you should a more balanced diet this year. Sunbathe to activate your vitamin D production, which helps your nervous system and with it, your mood.

Finally Aquarius, Magic Horoscope advises you to moderate your character, work on being polite and flexible and, above all, learn to empty your mind if you want to enjoy your well-being.

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