Today's horoscope for the natives of Aquarius regarding love predicts that you'll fight for your personal space. It's important that you have a good relationship and respect your individual freedom and that of your partner.

At home, you may receive a visit from a brother or sister who has to tell you something important. Although they don't bring good news, you have to be diplomatic.

Single Aquarius natives, meanwhile, will do well to get out of their shell and come back to reality. No one is perfect, you won't find an ideal partner. You'll find people who'll reflect the love you have for yourself.

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As for your financial prediction, there's good fortune coming your way. Although right now you have no money problems and can afford certain treats, you shouldn't get carried away and start splurging.

There are novelties regarding your career today. You're likely to improve your relationship with a colleague or meet someone who will help you at work.

This new relationship will make your tasks lighter and having an ally will help you do things to improve your work conditions.


Regarding your health, the prediction for Aquarius natives foresees that you start the week with new energy. You want to do things and, above all, to activate your body. You're likely will start with a physical exercise routine.

As for your emotions, everything will be fine today. If you're able to put aside your negative attitude and focus on what you want to achieve in your life, things will begin to change.

Finally, Aquarius, the stars predict that you'll understand something that had been very difficult for you to understand before. With this new knowledge about yourself, you can move forward quickly in your personal development.