The prediction for love for today foresees that you'll have to review old relationship problems that aren't allowing you to evolve. For the natives of the sign to grow inwardly, they have to transform many mental structures about love.

So you should ask for what you want, leaving preconceived ideas aside. This will give you the possibility to improve your sex life considerably.

Single Aquarius natives want to experience casual relationships without complications, so they'll move away from tortuous relationships and will choose to stay with those who respect their autonomy.

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Regarding your finances, today's horoscope predicts that certain planetary influences on your sign will cause very good financial results, especially for those who work in a team.

As for your career, you should examine any contract before signing it Aquarius, thus anticipating possible confusion, which so common when you decide to close an important deal.

This same caution should be extended to inheritances and wills since your family members might disagree on these issues. If you're involved in something like that, keep calm and check all the documents well.


The prediction for your health foresees that Mars is in an area that weakens you today, so you're likely to you feel invaded by intense exhaustion but you won't be able to see the cause straight away.

At this stage, passions or fears of which you hadn't can also awaken. Aquarius, you should let the emotion appear to be able to transform it.

Finally, the horoscope recommends that you resort to any activity that allows you to connect with your feelings. This will be essential if you want to continue with your personal growth.