Aquarius horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Your horoscope for Monday predicts you'll have to wait, Aquarius. You may be expecting something from your partner that doesn't happen. Perhaps it's more commitment, stability or maturity in the relationship. One of the two needs more specific plans.

The stars predict balance regarding your family, but perhaps some coldness in relationships. You may have to make a decision regarding your family today. You may be expecting too much from them and you do nothing in return.

For single natives, there's someone in your group of friends or acquaintances that tickles your fancies. It seems a bit difficult because it's not a relationship that will flow. This person isn't in a position to start a relationship Aquarius.


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Today's horoscope for your finances predicts some setbacks. You have to be careful with expenses or compulsive purchases. Make sure you organise your finances. You'll have to learn to say no to money that's spent on a regular basis.

At work, the energy feels a lot like stagnation or disagreement. You're waiting for something better to come or for things to change. You might be looking to leave your company because the monotony of your current job bores you Aquarius.

In this sense, because you feel that there isn't much potential to stand out in this environment, you'll seriously consider finding a new job, so you might be looking, while other Aquarius natives will stay in their comfort zone.


Regarding your health, Magic Horoscope predicts good results in the recovery of those who are currently sick. Those who are expecting medical results will receive positive news today.

Regarding your emotions, you'll feel somewhat tense today. You'll no longer feel the susceptibility you felt during previous, but rather a sensation of tension that you don't know where it comes from.

Magic Horoscope recommends you connect with your inner self and discover where that discomfort that's preventing you from developing all your potential is coming from, Aquarius.