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Tuesday's horoscope for love for the natives of Aquarius predicts a somewhat confusing day. Your relationship doesn't seem to become what you want it to be and you have the feeling that it isn't going anywhere.

In that sense Aquarius, you should talk to your partner to find out if you're right to be feeling this or not and how you can recover the excitement and motivation that brought you together.

Today, single natives will be very busy thinking of someone who clearly seems more like a platonic love than something that can come true. If you're comfortable with that feeling, Aquarius, there's no problem, but don't expect too much from that person.


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Regarding your finances, Magic Horoscope warns you of an uncontrolled spending trend these days. You may not get to the end of the month due to an addiction or simply too many expenses. You should stop.

Today's prediction for work speaks of a routine feeling that's affecting your performance. If you feel that you can no longer move forward where you are, you could find practical solutions.

On the other hand, the more talkative natives of the sign will prefer to keep their current professional situation because of the safety they feel there or for fear of changes. Be careful not to fall into apathy because you don't have the courage to reinvent yourself Aquarius.


Regarding your health, you'll feel quite good today, Aquarius. Your physical body regains its energy and you feel like doing things. Your mood will improve a lot today, you'll leave that feeling of discomfort that invaded you these days behind.

On the other hand, you're likely to be interested in exploring new creative facets. This will lead you to participate in group or neighbourhood activities about art or interpretation.

Finally, Aquarius, today you should spend a few minutes connecting with your inner being and recovering your centre. From there, all the decisions you make will be balanced.