Your prediction for love today, speaks of a period of opportunity regarding your emotions and family life. You'll have a great initiative and motivation to overcome obstacles and make significant changes.

On the other hand, you'll also be patient and strategic and most importantly, confident. All this will make your relationships flow quite harmoniously, both with your family and your partner.

Single Aquarius natives will be very active today with hobbies, romance, creativity and entertainment. Therefore, get ready for a day full of fun moments.

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Regarding your financial prediction for today, the stars show it's time to rethink things, review and reorganise your plans. Maybe going back is a good idea. In fact, this is a good time to make important changes regarding things that are already in progress.

You also need to be more in control at work, Aquarius. While you tend to play a supporting role for others, if you take it too far, you'll have to set some limits when it comes to your energy and time.

In this sense, you have to learn to dose your energy when sharing your knowledge and experiences with others, otherwise, you won't have time for yourself.


For your health, today's prediction foresees the need to make changes at home and regarding your living conditions or arrangements, which could be occasionally harmful.

If you focus more on developing your personality and structuring your life, you'll be on the road to important improvements. You feel motivated and strong enough to carry out these changes today.

Finally, Aquarius, remember that it's a good time to get rid of self-destructive tendencies, deep-rooted fears and tendencies towards feelings of guilt.