For love, the horoscope predicts that Aquarius will feel that the Universe is testing them today. In fact, your soul is trying to see how strong the foundations of your relationships are.

Aquarius, remember that what's built on a solid base resists pressure, but what's erected on weak base brakes. In fact, strong relationships are strengthened by obstacles.

Singles on their part feel they're getting rid of obsolete thoughts that prevented them from approaching love without fear. Now you're more aware of yourself and this puts you on the right path.

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As for your finances, today's prediction says that the time has come to take control of your finances in a completely honest way. Focus on paying debts if you have any and draw up a savings plan for the future.

Today you'll be guided by your intuition when making decisions at work. The experience you've acquired over time is useful but you also have to leave space for the new.

On the other hand, freelance natives will have to overcome a financial obstacle today. You'll find a way to solve it if, instead of focusing on the problem, you focus on the solution.


The prediction for your health today Aquarius speaks of a new cycle where you are attracted by alternative forms of life. Self-analysis or spiritual development will also be part of your search from now on.

This new approach you have towards your life will probably bring new ways of taking care of your health. Now you'll know how to distinguish when your health problems are mental and when they aren't, Aquarius.

All this self-knowledge will help you build a healthier and happier life. Your well-being will be your highest priority from this moment on.