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Overwhelming passions aren’t very frequent for you.You’ve had many intimate encounters with your partner these last few days, but you begin to feel that you’re losing your natural balance...

Your partner may demand more energy and more involvement, but you have a personality too and you shouldn’t cancel yourself out as a person to satisfying the wishes of someone else.

The time has come to stop them. It’s one thing to give in a little with your impassive attitude, but your partner has to know what they were getting into when starting a relationship with you.

It’s true that with the influence of love you can open up and be more passionate, but it’s something that has to come from you and not as an obligation, Aquarius.


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Other people, or your own intuition, are asking you to take action on the matter, which may require you to accept a leadership role. Refusing to accept it saying you’re lacking the skills would be misunderstood and false modesty.

The demands of the moment are such that you must be clear in your own thoughts, so take your time to consider what’s necessary and then become available for what you should do.

Start where you are right now and correct the imbalances in your finances, which are due to unreasonable thoughts and behaviours. Cut unnecessary expenses and start saving with more determination, Aquarius.


Saturday is here and your wildest side comes out to play. Party! Singing at a karaoke! Any plan where there are people seems like a good idea... But you’ll make the mistake of speaking too loud, which will make you go hoarse.

Aphonia is losing your voice due to inflammation. Using your voice wrong has consequences! Just like when you play a musical instrument with too much force, your voice is now somewhat broken.

A good remedy is lemon juice with hot water. The ratio is one lemon per cup of water. This is the perfect medicine for those who like acid flavours. And if it’s not your case, you can always add some honey.