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Today your horoscope for love predicts the arrival of many stimuli and with them, a lot of positive emotions. You'll feel inclined to be more sensitive and tolerant towards those around you Aquarius, which will have a positive impact on you as well as on them.

On the other hand, those who are in relationships can overcome the challenges that living together poses, especially for those who've been sharing the same space with their loved ones for some time.

Aquarius natives who are single will have to wait for the stars to line up in a better way if they want to find a stable partner. Instead, it's a good time to meet new friends and expand your circle of acquaintances.


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Regarding your finances, you're acquiring extra expenses. If you're unable to find a balance between income and expenses, you'll have to resort to your savings and this could unbalance your finances in the short term.

Regarding your career, the stars predict that it's time to get to work. The effort will be worth it and your work situation will improve, which will also affect your finances and you can resolve conflicts like the one you could go through this week.

Freelance natives who will be able to obtain interesting benefits today, as long as they're able to invest rationally and not spend more than they should on things that aren't necessary for their business.


Regarding your health, Aquarius natives who've been suffering from digestive problems should take these signs from their body seriously, as it could be an ulcer or a problem that needs a medical check-up.

On the other hand, today you'll tend to feel a bit sad Aquarius. Don't let this trend become a common behaviour. Stop these emotions in time by looking for things that make you feel good.

Finally, it's important that you remember that life is a continuous flow of energy, and that, in order to move in a healthy way, like the waves of the ocean, there are movements of expansion and contraction. Accept that everything changes constantly and you'll feel much better Aquarius.