Your horoscope for saturday | Magic Horoscope


The prediction for Saturday for the natives of Aquarius regarding love confirms that the stars are still favouring them. Relationships are in a honeymoon period today, especially for those who have a partner.

In this sense, Aquarius natives who are in a relationship, especially those with compatible signs such as Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius will see how joy, love and happiness take over this important part of their lives.

On the other hand, singles could have some problems with friendships. They'll stay away from some people who no longer gives them anything positive. In love, however, they'll approach interesting and very intellectual people who'll attract their attention.


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Regarding your finances, as a balanced person for the practical things in life, you know that work is your main source of income, which is why today you make decisions that involve a greater effort to achieve your financial goals.

On the other hand, you're experiencing a period of evolution at work. Opportunities will arise for which you have to be prepared, especially on an emotional level, since you already have the necessary skills.

Finally, and in relation to money and work, today's prediction adds that you'll be excited and optimistic enough to try your luck today. You may change career paths along the way or you may simply adopt another point of view.


Magic Horoscope predicts that the natives of Aquarius will be in excellent physical form today. The only thing that will worry you a bit is the possibility of a little weight gain as a consequence of an unbalanced diet.

On the other hand, they'll tend to break the rules and getting away with it wherever you go. Be careful Aquarius, as this could cause you some confrontation with those around you.

Ultimately, the prediction for your health today speaks of the benefits of swimming or some type of contact sport to improve your fitness.