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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 1

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Embrace this new chance to build up a year full of love and learning. Day after day, you should love and cherish your loved ones, and share with them happy, blissful times.

Try to get closer to positive, enthusiastic people, because the world is full of bad luck. Foul moods can be contagious today, but instead of sucking in the foul vibrations, you'll feel sorry for those people and let go of whatever negativity's around you.

The worse they act against you, the bigger your smile should be, Aquarians.

Keep this in your mind: it's always possible to go worse, but today you should be happy while you can. You can definitely be sure that these years are not coming back.

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It's good to persevere. But sometimes, it can be a real test for your caution to be able to give up.

That doesn't mean you should give up on your goals; you'll just find a better chance to get them done, facing and attacking them in a different way.

After a slight break, which is much needed if you want to do some reflection time, find a new path.

Think it through, because this year's promising, and it has a better future in store for you. No stress, no anguish. Always keep moving forward.

It's a good thing if you write on a planner and jot down your projects, intertwining them with your appointments and obligations. Have some room to make a note that says "meditation time", "coffee break", or even "dream time break".


The way you use your free time also says a lot about your desire to progress and keep yourselves going lively.

But when you relax, you can have fun too while doing something that's worth the time spent, Aquarians. Read a nice book instead of being stuck in front of a screen for hours on end, do some sport if you want to lose weight, go on walks with your family and get closer to your kids -if you have them-, visit museums or natural reserves to nourish your soul...

Leisure should also be a response to ambition. Free time doesn't equal wasting time, as much as you like doing that in any way possible... You're at a time in your life where every single trace of progress will help your life immensely.