Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You have a very strong bond with your partner under the current planetary influence. That's lovely! You'll share openly your preferences and any past experiences that are similar in certain ways.

This is an excellent sign if you want to get started on your life together and move in. You'll both have good intuitions of how your home will feel and look right from the beginning.

Personal habits will also be highly compatible. You're in the perfect position to set the goal of making a family together.

And if you're single, at least life with people under your roof, whether they are family or roommates, will be steady and comfortable today.


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Your day of work will be full of surprises. You'll change from a fixed, static routine, to a brand new scenario. You might get a new manager or get sent to another position within the same company.

The truth is, you were actually hoping for a change, and this is the universe's way to answer your call. That's life for you, always changing and probably never completely peaceful.

On the other hand, you should control the martial energy living inside you, because that tendency to rebel of yours could break everything apart. Enjoy the change and don't try to make it happen in a certain way that only you please.

What's clear today is that there'll be absolutely no boredom. Your way of making money unexpectedly will be through betting. You can get risky, because you've got high chances of winning.


Infections are part of the current agenda, and it looks like you're the strongest candidate to catch every single one of them, Aquarians... Stay away and protected from external pathogens!

No matter their type, zinc-rich foods will keep you healthy and with good immune system barriers. You can find zinc in pumpkin seeds, lean meat, pulses and hard cheese.

And when it comes to preventing infections, vitamin B is your best ally. Wheat, turkey, nuts and Brussels sprouts are the foods with the highest amounts of vitamin B.