Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Your indecision about where to find happiness and plenitude has made you look outside, when you should be looking inside instead. Ask yourselves what brings you peace, and what helps you hold on through the shifting environments of change.

But whatever it is, don't settle for second best. You should ask for the best of companions possible for your heart. However, you should make sure you know what you need in your life right now.

Once your thoughts are crystal clear and fully restored, bliss will come back to your heart. The way to do this is to stay true to yourselves all the time.


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Great progress and new forms of understanding come up easily in a relaxed, open environment where freedom of speech is respected. Congratulations, these are the best conditions to develop your full potential.

And if the good environment isn't around there too much, it'll be up to you to try to make tension go away, whether it is by making it easier for everyone to get along, or offering to kickstart conversations to sort out issues.

Don't tolerate a wayward environment; otherwise, you'll have to find another job. Negativity doesn't just affect your performance, it makes your days sadder, and there's no way to work then...


Do you feel like your head has been hurting for no reason as of lately? Do you feel more tired than usual? Perhaps it isn't a lack of sleep. Maybe you're gluten-intolerant and you don't know.

This also applies to lactose. Your great sensitivity makes you develop these sorts of allergies. Don't worry if you haven't been officially diagnosed as of yet, symptoms aren't usually too obvious.

Just by making a few changes to your habits, you can still lead a full, satisfying life. Ask a nutrition expert to help you out about what measures to take.