Aquarius Daily Horoscope for May 10

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The joy of living and the possibilities of romantic encounters multiply for Aquarius today. Planets favour good loving energies and encounters with like-minded souls. Everything is possible today, pay attention to the signs.

Don’t pay attention to old unresolved emotional wounds that try to hold you back and keep you away from this good moment. If you don’t have the strength to face them now, at least don’t pay attention to them. If you feel strong enough, then go into your pain and accept it as a natural part of life, don’t let it get entangled.

Your ability to give and receive love has grown. You’re now more aware of the importance of relationships in your life. Learn to love from gratitude instead of from attachment. Avoid emotional dependencies and experience love in all its splendour.


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Money continues to knock on your door, trust in your ability to see business opportunities where others don’t. You’re smart enough to know how to distinguish what is good for you from what isn’t.

You’ll probably have a lot of planning for visas and documents related to your career or university studies this month. Everything will be resolved properly, keep your impatience at bay.

You know how to handle work issues well, so people tend to give you projects that involve a lot of responsibility. Your collaborators trust you fully, don’t disappoint them by letting yourself get carried away by overconfidence.


You’re still in good health generally speaking. Small discomforts that may arise won’t hinder you in your desire to stay active. Your body is full of energy, get ready for a busy day.

However, your habit of always putting a smile on and hiding your dark side brings consequences. This need to keep your emotions under control is causing you self-esteem problems.

If you want to recover your inner balance, you have to stop and really look at yourself. Listen to what your body tells you, listen to what you feel and how you feel. Then you can take the necessary steps to improve things.