Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Your good mood is obviously visible, but what happens when you're always the only ones to cheer up a party? You get burned out and exhausted... and that's what's going to happen today.

You don't always have to be the life of the party to keep everyone else warm with your light. What you're feeling is emotional exhaustion for being the ones who always do more in the relationship, the ones who make the proposals and get things going on...

Talk to your partner and see if they can change their attitude. Don't you deserve someone who spends as much energy as you do? If you need to, get a new group of friends. You need to meet new people who can brighten up your days.

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You still have lots of preparation to undergo before you can reach your dream job. But the good news is, you're definitely on the right track to make your dreams come true.

Your great challenge today is to avoid daydreaming too much about what you'll do once you reach your goal. You run the risk of getting lost along the way, or even worse: thinking too much about your future could make you feel insecure about your present.

Don't even think about it, Aquarians. Remember that a mountain is made of thousands of little grains, and that great oceans and water flows are made of thousands of water drops. Every effort you make will take you to your great reward! Leave arrogance aside and keep learning from the best.


There's a great debate going on about walking versus running in order to improve your health... But how do you find the inner drive to go out and exercise? And let's not even talk about the effort it entails...

No matter if you've been out of shape for a while, or if you've never even tried to go out for a run, there's a very simple method to open the door to sport: setting short distances at the beginning.

Run for at least 5 minutes! That way, you'll get your habit going gradually, and you'll see your body asking for more over time. But just for now, at least 5 minutes of straight running is something to be proud of.