Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 12

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The tensions you’re going through this week will pass soon, so don’t despair Aquarius. You’ll soon be able to relax, you just have to put up with the situation and not fall for provocations. You are able to stay calm, make use of this gift.

When you embark on passionate and intense relationships, you feel alive, and that’s fine. However, don’t let yourself get dragged down by storms that you don’t know how to get out of. Foresee what’s coming in advance to avoid worse things.

If you see that your suggestion to communicate doesn’t cause any positive change in your partner, you better let it be. Things will go back to normal faster than you think. Sometimes, it’s better to not say anything. It isn’t cowardice, it’s knowing how to choose your battles.


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If you get proposals for professional projects that don’t convince you, don’t hesitate to reject them, there will be better opportunities. Remember that your worth doesn’t depend on the opinion of others, so don’t worry about what they say.

Your relationship with money is good this month, so don’t be tempted to waste your it pointlessly. Excesses are not good in any aspect of your life, much less when it comes to finances.

More income will arrive soon and it’ll increase your assets, just go step by step. A cathedral isn’t built in a single day. With each new opportunity, you make the most of, new paths open up that’ll lead you towards abundance.


You shouldn’t neglect your health, because, without it, no other aspect of your life can work. Be grateful for the symptoms that come because they give you the sign you need to repair problems in time.

Take action on the matter and direct your inner energy towards healing. You have the means and strength to overcome any ailment. Use ancestral wisdom to procure natural and effective remedies.

Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t bring you great benefits. Respect your inner peace above all things, because this is what helps you to face any challenge that life brings you.