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Today's lesson will come from Jupiter. Your ability to expand and be generous will be on the spotlight. You'll have to sacrifice for a partner or someone dear and close to your heart.

Sacrifice, as the name implies, means giving up something dear or treasured, Aquarians.

This is great trouble, but you should consider that material items can be replaced, and that relationships, once broken, are nearly impossible to patch up together.

Trust the power of Jupiter and be more open to others. Your resources might be limited but you can be incredibly useful with a humble contribution. Your efforts will be duly rewarded in the future by your loved ones.

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Manage your finances wisely, because you'll need the money. Meet-ups with workmates aren't free, but you should rest assured that they'll be tremendously fruitful for you and your career if you choose to come along.

It's important that people see you as social butterflies who not only enjoy hanging around, but also the business world. Especially if you're trying to aim for a promotion. You'll need backup from your colleagues.

If you choose to study for public examinations, not going out and keeping all your expenses under close watch will be perfect, so now you know... Try to have fun at home and make the most of your short income.


Human papilloma virus, also known as lip herpes, is an illness which reappears every once in a while after having gotten it for the first time.

Don't worry if it comes up again. Your slightly low immune system defenses might be behind it, but it could also come after sudden temperature changes or a high anxiety level.

Aquarians, you should use a specific cream that you can easily find at the chemist's. Don't put it off because if you treat this on time, it won't spread over other areas of your face and you'll nip it right in the bud.