Aquarius Daily Horoscope for March 12

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Sometimes, work issues can get overwhelming, and that's when your partner comes to the rescue. You'll have their full understanding and affection.

And if you're single, it's still okay. Native Aquarians are among the friendliest individuals, and there's no doubt that your friends are top notch. You can rely on them for support, because they'll give you that extra warmth you need.

You don't usually ask for that sort of attention, so it gets hard for you to open up to others and tell them about your issues. However, today you've got the planets behind you to ask for what you're entitled to get.


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Selling presents is something that's not too socially acceptable, but since you've got a futuristic take on life, you're not afraid of getting money out of what you're not using. Well done, Aquarians! Fake morals aren't your thing.

It's perfect that you choose to gather as much money as you can, now that the situation at work is a little unsteady and uncertain. The stars don't predict an immediate dismissal, but it is good to be ready anyway in case something happens.

Cleansing your life off of what you don't like and also gets in your way brings what you do like and what makes you happy into your life. If you can get rid of old things and make some money in the process, what's so bad about that?


You say you're going for workouts, but are you actually sweating the fat off? It's great to do some exercise, but at this stage in your physical development, if you don't get more involved, you won't make any further progress.

That's the human body for you; if it gets used to a specific activity, it grows comfortable and you stop putting off the pounds. You need new stimuli, new training routines that will make sure your body is back on "burning fat mode".

If you have a lot of water -at least 4 to 5 litres a day- you'll help your metabolism to stay active.