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The tension you have been experiencing this week in your love life are softened and everything returns to its course. If you’ve managed to remain calm in the face of your partner’s attacks and reproaches, they will have understood that you’re not the cause of their discomfort.

For those of you who are single, learning to dose strong emotions is a wise decision, otherwise, you can find yourself wrapped up in sweeping passions that won’t have a good ending.

Use all your energy to project love, that'll make you receive it without hindrance. The people you love are receptive and will respond immediately to your vibration. Calm and harmony will shine again, so let go of the conflicts of these last few days and position yourself in the present.


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You already know that money is governed by the ebb and flow, like the tides, so you have to keep it circulating, but in a rational manner. Don’t deprive yourself of buying what you need, but don’t waste on things you don’t need either, that'll keep your finances going and attract more income.

When it comes to work, your ability to make decisions this week gives you the peace of mind of having done the right thing. If you’ve been prudent and not risked on unreliable projects, your work will continue to be an important source of benefits.

It’s time to increase your confidence in yourself and follow your internal guidelines, everything you believe will materialise when the time comes, however, don’t lose sight of your goal.


If you’ve been able to focus on what really matters: your personal well-being, without letting the outside influence it, you’ve managed to move forward in your life. The care your body needs depends largely on your mind being relaxed.

Remember that you’re a whole Aquarius, your body isn’t a piece of matter separated from your emotions, in fact, your body experiences everything you feel intensely and it affects it. That’s why working on your inner self will greatly benefit your physical vehicle.

Keep paying attention to those moments of calm that you’re looking for unconsciously. Sit down to rest, contemplate a landscape, remain silent for a few seconds and feel how life floods your body. This easy exercise is very powerful, so don’t forget to practice it.