Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You exhude mystery and attraction, but not everyone has a secret... Be very careful and make sure your attitude is not just a well-rehearsed pose, because it could soon come tumbling down.

There's nothing wrong about showing your feelings every now and then. Being vulnerable makes you strong, because it makes you more resistant to other people's opinions in the end.

Show the real you from time to time, so that others can appreciate your generous, practical focus on life, Aquarians. This will be how you'll soon attract a life partner for whom you can fight and sacrifice.

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Mars encourages you to take drastic measures, whatever the sticky situation you're in. Leave your tendency to get obsessed with details aside, because there will be no time to get lost in the small things.

Have a general vision of the situation and make your choices exclusively by your logic and reasoning.

The Magic Horoscope prevents you from having a relationship (or wanting to have one) with a workmate. It'll bring negative consequences to your position. If love should ever blossom between you, wait until one of you has a new job, and then give it a try.


If you feel your body is constantly getting exhausted, stiff or in pain, you might be overweight. However, this is not exclusively connected to an increase in your physical size and volume; it could also be linked to a sort of 'mental excess weight'. You might be living on too many thoughts.

Not all thoughts are valid nor useful. In fact, sometimes we think too much, and thus create a bloating feeling of ideas that overwhelm us, confuse us, and worst of all, we don't even really know where they came from.

Therefore, the quality of your thoughts determines your everyday life. Depending on the conscious and unconscious ideas that come across your mind, that's how your development will turn out, Aquarians.