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This goes out to all single Aquarians: Uranus encourages you to unleash your full potential when it comes to love...

Make up a completely unexpected plan to win their heart over, because all signs point out that luck will be on your side. It's finally time to take the lead and make their attention focus exclusively on you.

The Magic Horoscope would like to inform you that bold, original individuals are the kind of people to whom your crush is attracted. That's perfect! No one is better than you at making everyone speechless.

If you have a partner, you could also use this information, although you'll have to keep your antics down low...

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Uranus comes in to unleash instability at work as well. There'll be changes around your position, and you could even have to say goodbye to your current job. You won't feel much sorry about it, though, because you've wanted to take that step for a while...

Break your chains, Aquarians. You have more than enough skills, and your self-confidence just keeps growing and breaking boundaries. Now's the time to boost yourselves up and try your luck at other more profitable professions.

Even if you have to start over and over again, avoid comparing yourselves. You don't really know whether that safety mask is hiding a mass of insecurity. Keep walking on your own and take risks; otherwise, there won't be great rewards at the end of the road.


All this nervousness can be overwhelming. In these changing times, you need something to cling to in order to stay safe.

Have you tried yoga yet? With this practice, you'll come to the conclusion that by being flexible and adaptable, you won't ever have to fear change again. The healthy state of your body brings calmness and strength to your mind.

Unleash that background piled-up tension through massage. You can give yourselves a massage as well in areas like your legs. Releasing pressure from overworked areas frees your mind from erratic thoughts, and also gives you an obvious improvement and relief from physical pain, of course.

Mind and body are one single entity, even if our Western culture still finds it hard to embrace this fact and appreciate it for what it is.