Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Today, your relationships with others will be put to the test: your family, your partner and also your friends. The planets' influence will have a strong impact on the way you express affection, love and personal preferences, the latter of which you feel aren't properly understood.

You'll probably come to realise how much you don't like about yourselves and other people, especially those who take a bigger place in your heart.

Despite that fact, solid relationships will be strong against these hits. An unsteady or weak relationship won't make it through the storm of tension, because you'll always be bringing up everything you don't like about your beloved.


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No matter how bad you feel with it, you work best under a little stress. If you see yourselves struggling to reach your performance quota because your environment is too relaxed, find a way to find the exact level of tension you need!

Set some deadlines to give your final product at work, this could work wonders. However, be persistent and respect your own goals; otherwise, this method wouldn't be good at all.

Perhaps you're not too used to it, but you'll definitely save some money if you do your shopping online. You could find serious discounts if you need a wardrobe makeover or if you need to invest in some technology.


That hurt back isn't too good of a sign, Aquarians, and if you continue to ignore this issue, you're risking making things much worse very soon.

You've already tried and tested creams and they haven't worked, so it might be time to get in the hands of a real expert and get rid of all the pain and discomfort once and for all.

It's quite likely that if you perform any sort of martial arts, you should take a break. You're native Aquarians and need persistence in your life, so it's unforgivable to quit training, but you need to do that if you want to completely heal your back.