Aquarius Magic Horoscope 7
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The horoscope prediction for today regarding love is quite positive Aquarius. This week you’ve learnt to take care of your emotions and with that, you’re able to show your love, not only with words but also with deeds.

On the other hand, the Aquarius natives who are in a relationship will receive a pleasant surprise from their partner today. Today they’ll surely take you somewhere you always wanted to go or give you something special that you didn’t expect.

If singles continue on the path of honesty, transparency and affection, they’ll soon be able to conquer who they’re after. You’re very likely to find love before the end of the week.

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In financial matters, Aquarius will now have the money they need to carry out a personal project they had set aside due to lack of resources. Everything indicates that prosperity has come to stay in their lives.

Regarding your career, the Aquarius natives who are thinking about changing career paths will encounter some internal impediments today. Fears and lack of self-confidence will stop you if you fail to overcome them Aquarius.

As a summary, today will be a good day for everything related to money and work. Take advantage of this good energy to better plan the future of your career and visualise what you want to achieve, as the stars are on your side.


Today you’re likely to wake up feeling somewhat feverish Aquarius. If you manage to stop this discomfort in time, you can probably enjoy the whole day without any problems. Have some tea and enough rest and you’ll feel wonderful.

On the other hand, on an emotional level, today you’ll feel quite calm. You’ve managed to get rid of every source of stress and thanks to that, you’re now in a position to take care of your own impediments to be at peace.

Finally, Aquarius, you should do more artistic activities. This way, not only will Art help you relax internal tensions, but it will also be a way to meet new people who bring joy to your life.