Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Aquarius has a day that's full of opportunities to experience love in all its intensity ahead. Those who are in a relationship will experience a day where romanticism will take centre stage. Singles have to be aware of changes.

Today's horoscope predicts a memorable day for Aquarius who are in a relationship. Offer your partner something completely different and get take them out of your daily routines.

On the other hand, the natives of this sign who are single will feel like something inside them has clicked. This will soon be reflected in the external world, as it's very likely that they'll soon meet a person who'll break their moulds.

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Your biggest concern today will be your personal comfort, so it's quite likely that you'll use part of your money to improve that aspect of your life. Either in the form of a new place to live or in material means, your living conditions will improve today.

On a professional level, the fact of having solved this conflict with a superior that meant you were stuck has left you time and energy to combine your work with other more pleasant activities that are to your liking.

Aquarius, if you're thinking of working on your own, you should ask someone with experience to help you with your action plan.


Today, you feel tired because of your working week, especially in the lower back and shoulders. Find a way to make an appointment with a therapist or masseuse to relieve the tensions you accumulate in your body.

Aquarius, regarding your emotions, you might be a bit sad today.You already know that you've been going through these cycles for some time, but if you really want to get out of this trend, you better make drastic changes in your life.

Today's horoscope advises you to break the habits that keep you in your comfort zone and encourage you to face the unknown. Open to meeting new people, practice new sports and above all, harbour new, less dark thoughts.