Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You love one another, you feel a burst of energy when you're together, and when you part ways, you feel nostalgic and with a pain you can't quite describe... Oh dear.

But are you actually in sync? Because beyond your pleasure and under the current influence ruling over you, you won't be able to stop asking yourselves whether you're investing in a relationship with future.

Perhaps you met at a party and this has the great advantage that you know how to have fun together, but you might not be the strongest team when having to face life issues together. It's time to confront your partner about this.

Aquarians, if you're single, you'll see someone who you met at a party on the side. They'll go straight for it and ask you out for coffee. If you say yes, you're in for a round of fun emotions, but don't expect them to be the love of your life...

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You've got several alternative projects you're enthusiastic about, but circumstances seem to be making you stop at an annoying halt.

You can't stop thinking about new ways to make money, and you know they're good for you, even if everyone else is telling you you're dreaming too much.

The message from the stars is to always follow your heart's desires, no matter what others think. If you haven't achieved anything yet it's precisely because you let doubt find a home in your heart. Finish it!

There's no better way to summon luck than devoting time to each of your projects every day. No matter how short this devotion is, at least half an hour will be helpful. Don't let any of them down, Aquarians. You can do so much more.


Breaking routine can be very positive. Devoting time to your goals is great, but don't forget you deserve some much-needed time to disconnect and do nothing.

If you have a work phone, turn it off during your getaway and don't even dare to turn it on again until you come back to real work. This way, you'll make a difference between your time off and time at work.

Make plans, find exciting activities, but don't let boredom make you work again, Aquarians.