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Stability, security and satisfaction in love, marriage and long-term relationships won’t be your forte for today. The horoscope predicts that there could be losses in all these areas and even in friendships.

In relation to the above, you’re likely to feel that you don’t understand others and that they especially don’t understand you. With this mood, it’s unlikely that you can communicate or interact fluidly with those around you Aquarius.

The natives of Aquarius who are single will feel in a bad mood today. They may even have sudden outbreaks of anger. You have some lessons to learn this year in relationships. The stars will actually put you to the test today.

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Regarding your finances, today it’ll be easy for you to find money in every possible way. Everything related to finance is enhanced: higher sales, promotions, honours, recognition, income.

Regarding your career, today you’ll feel some restlessness. This feeling is likely to last until mid-week when everything will be fine again. You’ll certainly find pioneering ideas, new ways of doing things and improved innovation.

Finally, you should really think about your career and ask yourself if you’re really where you want to be. Don’t let the comfort of what you know and is apparently safe drag you down.


Today you’ll probably be attracted to alternative health practices, so integrating them into your life will be beneficial. You have enjoyed vibrant physical health in recent years, but health challenges at the beginning of the year will lead you to healing alternatives.

Today you’re likely to take part in a project where you work in groups or networks of people with the aim of looking after your health. If you turn this into a routine, you’ll soon see how your body and mind overflow with well-being.

Finally, Magic Horoscope warns you that stress could have important physical and psychological consequences, so it’s time to put new habits into practice.