Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 15

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You are very attractive today Aquarius, you have Mars trigone, so on a sexual level, you’ll have very powerful energy. However, your communication skills will be decisive, as well as talking about things. Communication can attract that person that you like so much. The love complications you’ve experienced until now come to an end, so be prepared to experience closeness in your love life. If you have a partner, it’s a very interesting day to take your relationship to another level. Serenity is taking over your heart, so you’ll soon enjoy happiness in this aspect of your life. You’re in a phase where love occupies an important place in your life, don’t focus on worries and fears that can block it.


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Today’s an excellent day to get good professional agreements. For those who’re looking for work, it’s a lucky day to find a more than interesting position. At the moment, your professional skills are highly valued, so you won’t have problems to succeed in the workplace. Mercury gives you a very bright mind, your intelligence at the service of your profession guarantees all kinds of success. It’s the perfect time to invest in material goods, whether it be a house, a car or even a second home. Watch that all commercial agreements comply with legal requirements to avoid problems in the future.


Jupiter and Venus are positively influencing your life in general, but especially your health. Remember that the changes you need will go hand in hand with your internal changes, not so much what you do towards the outside. You’ll have enough physical and mental energy to face the day to day, so you shouldn’t have major health problems. If you don’t neglect your most sensitive part and don’t let yourself get carried away by stress, you’ll manage to feel very well. Keep paying attention to those emotional aspects that sometimes block your happiness. Anyone can have a bad day, but a feeling that repeats itself requires a deeper analysis.