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Don't despair if you don't see an immediate response to your text, Aquarians. You're usually quite careless and independent, but... if you deeply fall in love with someone, that mask of indifference you usually wear just starts cracking up and falling apart!

Keep away some of the coolness you used to win the heart of your current partner. Remember that they met you with a certain personality, why would you want to show your dramatic side now?

Keep your mind busy in your own business and you'll see that the other person will be the one to ask themselves what you're doing. It's much better that way, especially because you can use well the waiting time!

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You focus on the practical things in life, logic and rational questions, daily issues. This clashes with your tendency to mentally roam, the one that leads you into escaping to a fantasy world where you find shelter in your dreams and utopic thoughts.

Today, you'll see opposing forces having a battle inside you. This tendency will make you a little too fanatic about a sense of idealism, and it'll lead you to an excess in enthusiasm that will make your behaviour too snobbish and pedantic to bear.

Keep your feet on the ground already by taking a look at your bank accounts, bills, and worrying about those minor issues that affect your home finances. They're quite necessary for your personal balance.


Connect with your inner nature through cleansing the toxic energies you hold in your body.

A good form of preventive therapy is to take baths with alternating cold and hot water, doing some stretches when you go to bed and walking barefoot on the grass.

It'll be good for you to eat more apples, oranges and pineapples. Also, try to include carrots, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and broccoli into your diet. Today could be the day of the month when you go on a monthly fast. It'll keep you vital and strong.