Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 15

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Cupid suddenly remembers you on the strangest of days, but what's to do, Aquarians? Deep down, you enjoy crazy mid-week plans that come totally out of the blue!

Your partner, the person with whom you share all your tears and battles, is also a loving partner who longs for you and loves you dearly. Be excited about today because sparks are going to fly all around.

And if you're single, then get ready, because you're about to unleash all your pheromones. Love at first sight is coming. Your tendency to falling in love and your willingness to embrace this feeling will become quite a satisfying reality next to a pretty interesting individual.

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You're in for a day full of plenty of tasks you need to get done, both in and out of work. Without even keeping in mind the bustle of work, you still have to do bank visits, paperwork, and get your affairs straight... Waking up early will be your wisest choice.

Aquarians, for you an active life is a happy life. Money might not be coming in on a big constant flow, but your effort is fulfilling and rewarding. Carrying out your duties with a firm, diligent attitude makes sure you'll have a bright future.

Selling some unused items of yours is a great chance to cleanse your home from clutter and make extra money in the process. Defeat laziness, and as soon as you get home, rearrange and select any and all pieces ready for sale.


Your car is, curiously enough, one of the places where you tend to go back to your most primal instincts. Even the most civilised, polite individuals can become real beasts when driving around...

Your behaviour behind the wheel says a lot about yourselves. Speeding? Cursing? Intense honking? Control these behaviours, as well as your sudden angry outbursts.

They aren't healthy at all, and heart attacks are a nasty reality, especially if you're a man over your 40s, Aquarians. You can take better care of your heart by calming down when these stressing events occur.