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You're experiencing a sort of rejuvenation that helps you bring a new spark into your relationship. One day, you wake up and you decide it isn't worth your ride to lead a grey, dreary life.

Doing more good things in your relationship brings up an almost magical effect. It seems so hard to believe you're the same person you were yesterday! Today you keep giving presents and showing good intentions.

Your partner, far from getting worried, fully embraces your new attitude, which makes you both feel very much at home and loved dearly.

There's an adventure coming soon where you will face the unknown together, but you won't be afraid at all, because you'll be there for one another. Under this current planet arrangement, it's possible to enjoy true relationship bliss. Congratulations.


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It's time to fully give in to the materialisation of the work of a lifetime. It sounds so dramatic, but it's actually no more and no less than the main goal of all complete individuals.

Progressing while being afraid and without complete devotion only points to a lack of life meaning. Once you understand this, you can get mad because you didn't start fighting for what you want earlier.

Don't waste any more time and jump deep into today. With your personality, you'll be able to enlighten and bring clarity into chaos and uncertainty.


You feel you go to the toilet a lot as of lately, and you can't put your finger on why. You do drink plenty of water! If you feel a burning sensation when you use the toilet, it's quite likely that you're suffering from cystitis.

This is a swelling of the bladder's walls. Germs attack and destroy part of the membrane covering it.

A healthy diet and moderate drinking help to avoid kidney diseases.

Be very careful with cystitis, because it could become permanent. There's less intense yet more persistent pain, as if you had a weight on your lower stomach.