Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 16

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Use your negotiation skills to communicate more effectively with your partner. Today you have all the forces of the universe on your side, don’t waste the chance. Your communication skills will open more doors than any other tactic, use them.

As calm comes after the storm, it’s time to make peace, both with your partner and with yourself. Make peace with everything that has been disturbing you, this way love can flow freely.

Remember that everything we give is given to us and everything we keep we take away from ourselves. Start cultivating the ability to give for the pleasure of giving, without expecting anything in return, and you’ll be surprised at the wonders that happen in your life.


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You have enough intellectual abilities to stand out where you want to. You’re a clever and creative person, so it won’t be difficult for you to find gold where nobody sees anything. This means Aquarius, that you should take advantage of every opportunity that may arise to increase your income.

If your business isn’t going well or you don’t have a job, this will be fixed soon, you’re in for some good luck, so go towards your goal with confidence and open yourself to receive all the good things you deserve.

If you were thinking of buying something that requires a large investment, now is the time. Your finances are looking good, so invest in what makes your life easier.


Pursuing happiness is a race to nowhere, remember that happiness is more a decision than a goal. If you learn to value and be grateful for everything you have here and now, soon the universe will surprise you with greater abundance.

Good advice for today is that you vanish complaints from your life. Complaints are very harmful to your health. Break with those habits of complaining about everything: time, traffic, your boss, etc., and start seeing things with different eyes.

Make the most of the energy that’s coming to you these days to do group activities and share and celebrate life. Don’t forget that your emotional well-being is the pillar where your physical health rests.