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Today, your sense of belonging and the feeling of being safe will come from your family. They're the ones who make you feel fulfilled and complete after so many mishaps and disenchantment about other people.

It's a good time to stop and take a break, to look inside you and make family matter, to take care of your relatives and give some extra warmth to those who need it.

You spend time with people you don't care that much about and you neglect your own family. This has to change.

If you have your own family, your children are a priority you could be neglecting. Assess what they need and think about whether you can give it to them. It all points out that you need to give some care.

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You'll be quite careless and in need of a good sense of vision to handle yourselves with ease, especially when setting your spending priorities.

That'll be a good solution in order to avoid excessively large variations in your finances, and to stop going back and forth between abundance and hardship.

Being moderate when enjoying pleasure, having fun and enjoying some minor luxury is important to you, because your success in life will depend on how good you are at being disciplined under the rules of your own willpower, while avoiding comfortable attitudes.

Learn to fully embrace and experience the simple things in life, and find inner peace by working on your sense of beauty appreciation.


Even if you don't smoke nor drink on a daily basis, as the weekend kicks in, you go out with friends and lose control...

This is seriously counterproductive for your migraines. Cigarettes can increase the risk of having brain circulation issues. If your main problem isn't migraines, but another type of headache, it's still the same.

Besides, smoking and alcohol act as arteriosclerosis producers, because they harden and thicken your artery walls, and are usually linked to high blood pressure.

Do you really think it is worth it to keep those habits going, Aquarians?

Remember to take good care of your body, eat vegetables and exercise in the mornings. The lack of activity might be affecting your health, so find an exercise routine and avoid saturated fats.