Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 16

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You get mad at your loved ones, and when you get angry, you can think about the worst. After taking things in for so long, it's inevitable that you'll burst into darkness at some point. Are you bad because of it? In some way, it disturbs you.

In all human relationships, those negative feelings come out at some point. It's been that way since we had our first encounter with our environment. Who hasn't wished a loved one to die at some point in their life?

Stop obsessing and don't think you don't deserve love for such ideas. It's not the case. Only by admitting that these feelings can enter your heart will you free yourselves from their grip.

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Day by day, you're watching yourselves get further and further from the field of expertise you were trying to approach. You decide to work and move on any way you can, but you can't help feeling sorry for not working on what you've fought for so hard for a while...

The past is the past, and crying won't solve anything. Today, you'll make a firm choice to direct your steps to the exact moment where everything changed. Is that even possible? Of course it is. It's never too late to rescue your dreams.

Get training and attend courses that help you acquire new forms of knowledge. Perhaps you only need to refresh what you know and recycle yourselves professionally.

Today you can find new working fields of expertise you might have been putting off, out of ignorance rather than lack of interest. And who knows? It might not be what you initially thought, but you might work on something fulfilling (and a worthy aspiration).


You'll be ambushed by a slight temporary discomfort as soon as you're up, but it'll fade in the space of a few hours.

Pain can be linked to a bad posture when you sleep. Try sleeping face up, or put a pillow between your legs if you prefer sleeping on your side. This will level up your hips' position.

In any case, if you see that the pain's going worse and you can't even do moderate exercise, go see your doctor immediately.