Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 17

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You’re going through a period of transition when it comes to love Aquarius, so your life with your partner will be transformed for the better. Communication and respect are the keys to making this process come to an end with positive results.

A special moment is coming for those who are still single. Pay special attention to things during the next few days, because you’re about to experience a great relationship. Be prepared to experience passionate and sensual moments to the fullest and also to travel as it’s very likely that it’s a person who lives far away.

If you surround yourself with your friends and family, you can feel that protection that comforts you so much. Seek the support of your loved ones and they’ll give you great satisfaction.


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You’re under the influence of strong planetary influences that help you succeed in the workplace. Projects will be finalised and agreements will happen with long-term benefits. Your superiors and colleagues will appreciate your dedication and your professional worth.

You’re likely to have to take on new responsibilities and make important financial decisions. Trust your instincts and, above all, make the decisions after thinking about things in depth. While the stars accompany you to success, you can’t neglect the steps you take.

Your financial resources are safe, so you shouldn’t worry a lot about money these next few days. Live simply and treat yourself to something nice from time to time. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, but don’t waste any money either.


If you insist on continuing to listen to your stubbornness, you’ll only generate conflicts around you. Conflicts will do you a disservice because emotional stress is one of the first causes of illness.

To feel happy and be able to face the day, it’s best to count on your friends and family. The support of your partner is also essential. Seek their advice or just their company and share your concerns to relax your tensions.

Your mood is good in general, but it’s never a bad idea to you get some positive energy in the company of those who love you. Love is a fundamental requirement to enjoy good health.