Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Come out of your cave, Aquarians! If it's your birthday today, there won't be any other choice but to come out and face the world. Up to now, you've had emotional ups and downs where you didn't feel too good about meeting people. That'll change today, whether you like it or not!

People will get in touch with you, and there'll be more communication and interest from other people in knowing how you're doing. Send them some love back, you won't regret all the attention you're getting.

Let curiosity be your guide, and let it take you far to experience new things, instead of dwelling on the loneliness you create all by yourselves. Meeting up to create more meet-ups; that's what the most basic, yet most honest, happiness is about.

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When you finally understand that what's happening to you is the best you could get, you won't expect things to be different, and that's when the transformation you want will happen.

Use your wits instead of letting yourselves go with thoughts and moods that don't help you or your cause at all. Watch the situation and circumstances unfold while being emotionally collected, without tagging them or putting emotions that are too intense into them.

You should keep in mind that expectations create limits, that they condition your mind until it becomes limited and controlling. Expand your perspective and make your obstacles an encounter to remember.


These days, your blood iron will drop. This is an important lack in your body, and you shouldn't ignore the stars' advice. It's time to get a check-up!

You're probably already aware of many recipes rich in iron (lentil stew, onion liver, and so on). Pull out your recipe book to restore your blood flow. You should also know that traditional dishes are the healthiest!

You're handling too many things at once, and this could be seriously conditioning for you in the future, especially health-wise. Watch out for mental overloads, Aquarians.