Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Oftentimes you don't know how to face criticism, and your problem is that you tend to repress discomfort. You need to let that anger-inducing frustration out!

You can learn and become better individuals from every mistake, you can be better than you were yesterday. The people who laugh at you also make mistakes, even perhaps sillier ones than you. It's worse in the end if they take everything so personally.

Learning to laugh at yourselves when you mess up, get rejected or make things awkward, will enlighten your days and attract people who are comfortable in their own skin, who live without striking poses all the time. Is it worth it?

Today's the perfect day for you to express yourselves and be open about the things you're not willing to tolerate any longer.

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These are highly profitable and perfect times to start saving money, Aquarians. You've got more than enough surplus, so this financial safety net will work wonders on your projects.

And if you already have a sort of decent previous savings fund, it might be the right time to buy estate and hold it accountable for future investments. These are investments in the present that you'll be much thankful for in the future. Don't think about it!

Stability in this chance will be up to you and how much you get involved in reaping and stocking. You'll have time to get those much-wanted treats a little later.


Is your health an issue? You feel it as a barrier keeping you away from what's really important to you... Work it out, do whatever you need to feel better about yourselves or take measures to heal up.

Don't let your health become an excuse. You stay away from fun activities because you're afraid of taking risks and leaving your comfort zone, always last-minute... It's time to face the music.

By changing the perspective you have on your illness, if you think of it as something temporary instead of a heavy, sinking weight, soon your life will be surrounded by full bliss, Aquarians.