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Aquarius today will have to pay more attention to their relationship if they want things to go well between them. Distractions and the time you spend working can break the balance achieved so far.

In your family, today's horoscope for the natives of this sign predicts a somewhat complicated day. On the other hand, things will calm down towards the end of the day, which shouldn't lead to major concerns.

Singles will have the opportunity to show their best qualities. The stars are giving them a great opportunity to meet a person with whom to get intimate and even start a relationship. Don't discard anything Aquarius and be open to meeting new people.

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Today, Aquarius will live a day full of worries regarding money. You'll surely have to ask for advice from a more experienced person who can tell them the best way to do things.

Professionally, it's time to keep a clear idea of what you want for your future in mind. You've been wanting to change jobs for a long time, but if you don't know where to go, you won't be able to get there. Plan how you're going to play it well.

In general, today won't be a very positive day for those born under the sign of Aquarius regarding their careers and money. This experience will help you face the challenges that will come in the future better.


As for the physical health of Aquarius, today will be a good day, your efforts to take care of yourself are starting to show. Your body responds to you in an active and positive way, you resist fatigue better and in general, you'll feel in good shape.

On an emotional level, today you'll be somewhat reflective. The positive thing is that, instead of being stuck in negative thoughts, you now open a door to reflection and with it emerges a new way of seeing the world.

You shouldn't forget Aquarius, that while there are negative circumstances surrounding you, it's your vision of them that makes you act and feel one way or another. If you turn to your inner strength to create your own world, you'll remain centred and at peace.