Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 18

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When you thought everything was lost, it seems like the spark in your romance is back. The cold and hot gusts are somewhat frequent in your heart, and your honesty makes you express your feelings as they come. That can be confusing for your partner.

You should accept the fact that relationships can have their ups and downs. You can't always be up in the air. Trust the foundations, everything that holds the relationship together. Think about shared memories! And especially how good you feel when you're with your loved one, even if it's to spend a grey, boring day together.

Once you understand that steady things can change and adapt, you'll stop worrying whenever one of you gets away.

You'll just move away from endless complaints about everything that doesn't apparently "work", and use time and everything you get from life well, Aquarians. Make the change happen today! The energy of the universe is in your favour.

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A real lucky break might be about to shake and stir the foundations of your beliefs when it comes to money. At the end of the day, you'll be surprised to notice you've got your pockets notably fuller than you did before. That's great!

You should expect the goddess of fortune in whatever affair you get involved in that's related to loans. You might also get back some money you loaned; or it might be as simple as a loved one who just won lots of money that will want to share their fortune with you.

You need to stick to the phone real close, you could be called up to work. The person who previously held that position is giving it up out of the blue, so you need to stay within range and let yourselves be visible if you're out of work.


By having discipline and constance as your allies, you're drawing away the discomfort and illness that usually ambush people your age. That's perfect, Aquarians! Your excellent health will allow you to sleep away, so keep going.

Your bodily discomfort is temporary, nothing too serious to worry about. You're no longer a young, hyperactive teen, but that's okay, because your current wisdom allows you to take much better care of yourselves than you did back then.