Aquarius Daily Horoscope |





Aggressiveness is often a good way of showing what you don’t like, it helps us defend our territory and frightens those who try to harm us... but is it really necessary to apply it with your partner?

Childhood environments affect how you treat your partner as an adult a great deal. Don’t follow bad behaviour patterns.

There’s no need to shout or hit anyone to look strong, Aquarius. Violence is one of the worst weapons. You like to solve your problems by talking, but sometimes you lose control...


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Your great strength of character will help you achieve a lot today. You’ll achieve what you’d planned to achieve much later. Even if it’s got to do with money, this help from the stars will cause you tremendous joy.

Your power is at full capacity and this helps you know perfectly what to do on every occasion. In addition, you’ll only be getting pleasant surprises. Careful with making your co-workers jealous by boasting too much of your good luck.

If in spite of this good disposition you don’t have a job, you should know that it won’t be for long. If you don’t find anything interesting, the job offer will appear on its own, although it’s better if you tempt the future to accelerate the process.




Bone pains are more present than ever. You feel vulnerable, but you can’t do much else other than avoid excessive efforts and especially, go to the doctor to find a solution.

Also, your latent aggressiveness can produce bruxism, wear of enamel because you grind them while you sleep without realising. Go to the dentist or your teeth will become very weak.

You receive the relief of knowing that a hospitalised relative will be able to go home very soon without any type of complication and recovering their health little by little. This is a full-fledged relief, you’ve been worrying for a long time...