Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



In your relationship, you’re hesitating between two options again. Your partner can’t do anything, you are simply not happy. You’re creating stress and screaming again and again. When it comes to your love life, this behaviour makes you unpredictable.

Maybe you should take a deep breath and not make all that drama. Close your eyes and imagine how everything is being solved. This change in your energy will predispose you to fix things, instead of adding more problems to the mix.

Single natives won’t be very lucky in love today. Their irascible mood won’t help much when it comes to starting a relationship with someone. The best thing they can do is wait to calm down and have to emit better vibes before embarking on the conquest.


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In business, nothing goes your way. People will try to take advantage of you in important negotiations. Contacts and the market will try to sell you bad products. All this will make you quite irritated, but this won’t solve the problem.

It’s best if you leave large investments for a later date when the circumstances are more promising. On the other hand, you should practice patience and reconsider the decisions you make.

Any opposition at work becomes increasingly difficult to deal with and puts undue pressure on your plans. Don’t give up if you face seemingly impossible problems, think about how you overcame similar situations that happened in the past.


Instead of constantly demanding high levels of performance, you better enjoy more rest and relaxation. If you feel frustrated in any way, you’ll find it difficult to perform optimally, so it’s worth taking a break.  

Your ruling planet Uranus will make you get out of the ordinary and give yourself completely to creativity today more than ever. This need to create something new will be what helps you to calm your emotions, which are already all over the shop today.

Your emotional needs that are in conflict will make your day very chaotic if you aren’t able to stop for a moment and order your inner world.