Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



There's some imbalance of power in your relationship. Right now, it seems like you're dodging your partner's attention.

In some way, you've lost trust in them, you feel they're hiding something away from you. And even if it isn't the case, once suspicion hits home and you let the seeds of doubt grow, you'll never look at that person the same way.

Be aware of these dynamics; no one likes people toying with their time. Might you be putting off a break-up? Don't feel guilty about ending a relationship that doesn't fill you anymore...

If you're single, you've got a special day ahead. You won't get that love at first sight kind of feeling, but you will meet someone very inspiring with plenty to share, both intelectually and emotionally.

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Fate unfolds itself before you and gives you chances, but with the current state of your knowledge and your real lack of skills to take on the challenge, you just shouldn't take that endeavour, because it might be too big for you.

Before you can make progress in the direction you're glimpsing into, you need to train yourselves. It's a time of some financial stability for you, so you can afford to get started on additional studies.

If you want to break ties with a dreary job that has no future perspectives, make the tough choice of studying and working as soon as you can. You'll never regret reaching new goals despite the effort you need to make. Go for it!


The stars are warning you: you're in danger. Different sorts of temptations, rushing too much when driving, foul influences, being drunk... It's too many open ends at the same time!

Your tremendously heated choices without ever considering how they will affect your health could even send you to hospital, so be very careful! It's not that great to stop going to work because of some reckless behaviour you could have avoided.

The solution to these altered energy states within you is to carry around an amethyst stone. This stone, highly connected to your native Aquarian vibrations, will help you get rid of that excess nervous energy that leads you into making poor choices.