Aquarius Daily Horoscope |





Your normally rational mind is lost in emotions, and this allows you to explore the feelings that are normally difficult for you to access.

You’ll also notice the signals your partner sends you constantly but that today will acquire a new meaning for you.

It won’t be strange for you to be very intuitive today and your partner will likely be surprised because you’ll help them to better understand themselves.

You’ll feel compassion and forgiveness very strongly. It’ll be very complicated to make you angry, no matter what happens, Aquarius. You understand that people suffer and that they do what they do for a reason, even if at first it seems strange to us...


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The most important thing to improve your finances at the moment is to be really willing and happy to learn. Something, at some point, will be useful to you and if not, at least you’ll have enjoyed learning it.

How can you start looking for a new job? You’ve always been attracted to odd things that aren’t very normal, Aquarius. It’s time for you to listen to that instinct.

In order to invent a profession, you have to listen to all your senses: read everything you see, listen as much as you can and try to recognise ideas that are the most contrary or different to what you already know.




You attract what you feel. Rare diseases could be a product of those emotions that you don’t dare to fully experience, Aquarius. With some serenity and introspection, you can find the root of all your ills.

If there’s a moment to deepen your psyche and reveal what was previously hidden, it’s now. Walks in nature, especially along the beach, will help you connect with your intuition and your inner truth.

It’s also possible to start conversations with very important people in your life that will be truly therapeutic.