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The company of our family and friends, which we can enjoy at meals (or afternoon snack parties, in the case of kids) brings us closer to pleasure.

In this sense, creating a space for mental comfort with your partner or a feeling of family for kids makes you feel togetherness and appreciation.

Today you'll create a precious image of love, and people will be attracted by the beacon of light that comes from what you've created.

If you're single, control your lack of patience! You want the other person to answer your texts right away, but that's a mistake... You need to play your cards more wisely to sweep them off their feet. Even if you can't stop thinking of them, don't let them see it (yet).

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It's written on your fate: you need to be courageous and cross the threshold of fear and doubt, embrace whatever good or talent you've got to offer. Everyone has a gift but forgets to work on it!

Find a way to make your voice be heard while breaking the pre-set rules of society, and use your resources to be around in the world the way you want, with the people you want.

Being unemployed can be a blessing, because now you have more than enough time to reinvent yourselves. Use your imagination and all your might!

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One of the deriving issues from your tendency to being overweight is not only the storage of fat, but also acidity.

If your body is acid, you should know that there's many foods out there today which can cause acidity. This could make you highly prone to developing many serious illnesses.

Green-leaved vegetables give you fiber, vitamins and minerals that promote a better digestive process and eliminate toxins, Aquarians.

Why don't you try a Swiss chard smoothie? It has alcaline properties that improve your health and prevent many illnesses.

You just have to blend together 6 to 8 chard leaves, 1 average-sized peeled orange, 1 banana and 2 cups of water. Your exotic palate will love it!