Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



This holiday period is the perfect occasion to get back in touch, hear from loved ones and send some loving messages.

Even if you're incredibly shy Aquarians, you'll see your popularity increasing. Your public image is important to you, even if you pretend it doesn't affect you in the slightest.

You'll meet new people through your partner, or a close friend. New friends around! That just makes you happier. You love getting to know people, added to the lucky fact that you'll have much in common.

Love in your life will be calm and serene these days, like a gently rocking sea in a nice summer day, Aquarians.

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No one enjoys being called out, but sometimes there's no other choice. Listen to where the complaint comes from instead of finding shelter in your preconceived ideas.

You can't change what's already happened. You need to accept it once and for all, and stop moping about what isn't going on anymore.

There's only one person stopping you from getting to where you want: yourselves. Dreaming about money won't make you earn more of it, unless you choose to take arms and jump into action.

Action is the right path towards your desires and aspirations. Start walking, because your year starts now! And along with it, a new life, the one you choose for yourselves.

If you have no other choice but staying home, overcome this time with as much resignation as you can. You might even strengthen part of your knowledge if you keep your eyes open and stay alert.


Focus on your breathing when you're stressed. Sometimes it seems like you forget to breathe in these situations... Paying attention to your breathing will give you some of your peace back.

Now that the year is getting started, you should be mindful of the fact that most of our concerns are actually smaller things that sort themselves out the minute they show up: mess around the house, getting stuck, delays, bills to pay... These are just temporary worries.

Embrace these incidents and make room for them into your life; they're part of your path. Let them flow through life and you'll be able to smile against them.