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Even if relationships come to an end, you should think that it was worth it to experience them, because you should admit there were times you were truly blissful there.

This relationship that just ended might have blessed you with your children, because everything happens for a reason. Don't try to think foul about anyone because you can no longer be together. This is life, and you should learn to take things less personally.

Even if the relationship's over, love will always be there. All that affection and tenderness should and mustn't just go down the drain. Over time, you can get closer again. However, if that person has mistreated you, you're better off keeping love inside you.

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Mercury's influence increases your analytical spirit, so your ego and self-image will change for the better, which comes along with great vitality.

All that energy will be able to be used on your thoughts and activities that involve active communication. You'll manage to express yourselves better than anyone, and that's why you get what you want. If you're planning on asking for a raise, no better time than this.

Promote your native humanity and equality, and you'll be able to influence people very positively. Getting involved in volunteering gives you a great source of learning that will help you to improve as a human being.


Losing weight isn't easy, and staying on track afterwards is even harder. It's best to lose the weight off gradually, and you need to stay motivated for months to avoid giving up, and reaching your goal in the end.

The slower you go down, the better results will be in the long run, so stop getting overwhelmed about that.

An intelligent measure that not many people use is to order two main courses instead of an entrée and main course when you go to the restaurant. Main courses are usually lighter; and don't get fooled, your only way to lose weight is to have a calorie drop at the end of the day.