Aquarius Daily Horoscope for September 2

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Today is a good day to learn more about surrender and to synchronise with the current moment of the Universe. For your love life Aquarius, it means that you have to take your time to motivate yourself about what you want to have.

Regarding your family, Magic Horoscope predicts that today you’ll receive a greater dose of love and affection from your loved ones. The atmosphere will be quite pleasant and friendly, with harmony among your family members.

Aquarius singles today should be prepared for an unexpected turn in their love life. Perhaps you aren’t expecting anyone to take your heart right now, but everything indicates that someone will enter your life to change your mind.

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In financial matters, today you’ll need some help to reach your monetary goals. If you’ve planned a business trip, today’s horoscope prediction considers that this would be a useless exercise and wouldn’t bear fruit.

Regarding your career, any dealings with partners living in foreign countries aren’t likely to have the desired effect. The weathers aren’t favourable for investments or new businesses, and you’d do well to be cautious.

Therefore, Aquarius, today’s prediction is that you restrain yourself regarding money and your career. At the moment, You shouldn’t take great risks until circumstances change in your favour.


Regarding your health, things improve for Aquarius, since they have a favourable association of stars, which bodes well for your health. Aquarius who are prone to chronic back problems will find things are better today.

However, today’s prediction alerts you to take the need to avoid excessive physical exertion into account. This should especially apply to your workday because you have to pay close attention not to work more hours than you should.

Regarding your emotions, today the shyest Aquarius will feel especially insecure, so they will tend to avoid social commitments and places with too many people.