Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




Watch your explosions of anger and your susceptibility Aquarius, because your partner can get tired, even if they are patient. It’s best that you take a long walk every day before arriving home and pour all your frustrations on your loved ones.

This bad moment you’re experiencing won’t last much longer, just give yourself the opportunity to discover where that discomfort comes from. Analyse the situation objectively and rationally and find hidden motives.

If you are a native who doesn’t have a partner, fantasising about someone perfect won’t help you to get one. You have to remember that human beings are all different and none is made in your image and likeness. Learn to set foot on the ground and you’ll see that things will change in your favour.


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You aren’t in your best financial moment, you’ve lost some of your sources of income. However, this isn’t the end of the world, you can find other ways to make money if you get going instead of regretting your bad luck.

Professionally, everything you’ve done has been for a reason, so don’t keep looking in the past. From today, you’ll have to learn to take responsibility for your decisions and set yourself a clearer goal.

A promising future is waiting for you if you are able to distribute your energies in a balanced way. You need time for training and improving your skills, time for work and time to search for more beneficial opportunities.


Regarding your physical health, you’re achieving your weekly activity and sports goals. This has been so difficult for you to keep up. Now you have to exercise the same discipline with your eating habits.

On an emotional level, although the natives of your sign tend to be detached people, deep down, you have a whole universe of feelings within you. All you have to do is organise all that tangle of emotions to make sense of it.

Remember that the desire for perfectionism isn’t a good ally, that fixed image of how things should be will give you many problems in your personal relationships if you don’t learn to be more flexible.