Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Changing behaviours, honest apologies and a whole wide range of actions meant to repair relationships will come out to play today.

Has it been long since you last had a chat with your best friend? You're one step closer, and tensions and misunderstandings will melt away like lemon drops under the heat of the sun... And that heat is coming straight from your heart!

Old family feuds will also easily come to an end, and the heated arguments will cool down. Do your share of the work and don't expect everyone else to work for you. You're very well aware that you live happier by getting along with everyone and sailing down the sea of tranquility, Aquarians.

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Not the best day to be productive. At least, today you won't be feeling like heating up your head too much.

Give up and see it for yourselves; today you don't feel like doing anything, and that's final. Why punish yourselves and complain about your low productivity? Enjoy what you've got going on. Today your finances won't make any progress, but you'll enjoy your time without too much ambition around you.

Fortunately, there's other days to fight and stay strong. However, you might be a little irrational when spending money. If you're not working hard and doing your best to earn more money, at least be sensible enough to spend your money wisely.


Illness is spinning all around you, because there's family or roommates that aren't feeling too well.

Control your emotions. It's tough for you to see your loved ones having a bad time. However, each of us needs to take up our own burden.

Even if your health is fine and dandy now, it could soon change because of how attentive you always are towards your loved ones. Don't you dare lose track of your health because you're always looking out for everyone else's needs.

Clean your home, burn some frankincense, and do the rituals you need to cleanse your energy.